Item No. : DP-88G1
Product Name : Syrup pump

Syrup Dispenser Pump

DP- 88G1
This item has been patented by many countries such as UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan ... etc. It provides an excellent preformance with the high-quality that make it a wide range of products applications, especially is for catchup, mustard, chili saure, soy-ointment, syrupy ... etc.

  • Apply to
    .Food cream
    .Food lotion
    .Grained cream

    .Various Sauce
  • Specifications
    .8.8cc ± 0.1cc per stroke
    .Closure: 28/410
  • Others
    .Plastic dispenser pump is available in various colors and size.
    .Customized solution designs are accepted.


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