Item No. : FP-1500
Product Name : 'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot

'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot


'Simple Helper' is a cleanliness No.1 and helps dirty easy go.  This item has no complicated pipeline, it is easy to operate . It has outstanding performance with micro-bubbles can easyily to take away dust, dirty object, and completely cleaning your house, car, kitchen, bathroom and pet.  'Simple Helper' is good for your life.

  • Apply to
    • kitchen
    • vehicle
    • bathroom
    • pet
    • window
    • door
  • Specifications
    • improve the foaming result
    • widely use range without air compressor and electricity
    • making bubbles easily and using anywhere
    • less cleanser to protect environment
    • the range is able to reach long distance
    • excellent adhesive force on any object
    • free from electricity, cleaning bathroom safety
    • small, light, fine
    • not use ladder & disassembly
    • suitable to home & outdoor
  • Others
    • capacity: 1500cc
    • weight: 34.4 g
    • size: 63x36.5x33.5 cm
    • 1 box 15pcs/ C.W./5.16 KGS / G.W./ 6.16 KGS



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